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The Blooming Lovely Spring Festival In Canberra Will Return In 2022!

by Jasbinder Singh
The blooming lovely spring festival in Canberra will return in 2022!

Floriade is the only thing that the spring festival can bring to the nation’s capital. Even though the annual flower festival has been going on since 1988, its meticulously constructed garden beds and vibrant flowers never cease to surprise and excite. Free admission makes it challenging to compete.

Of course, this is Floriade 2022, the biggest flower festival in Australia. For the 35th time, the event is held at Canberra’s lovely Commonwealth Park this year. The city will come to life for 30 days in September and October with beauty, color, and vibrancy.

The fantastic Floriade Festival is a celebration of color blooming. Every spring, the festival is held.

A wonderful approach to welcoming spring and appreciating the beauty of the season is to stroll among a million blossoms. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, irises, and more are everywhere you look, swaying and nodding in the breeze. Bold reds, vibrant oranges, scorching pinks, deep purples, and blues, not to mention trumpet yellows, are among a stunning assortment of vibrant colors that give the eye a genuine kaleidoscope of color. Take your time to enjoy the sights, stop and smell the flowers, and pose in front of a magnificent floral backdrop.


Flowers, food, and gardens

The festival, also known as “Australia’s Celebration of Spring,” attracts thousands of local residents and tourists in addition to the lovely sights of the flowering bulbs through a variety of cultural programs.

Floriade will return to Commonwealth Park from September 17 to October 16, following a difficult couple of years during which the event had to adjust creatively because of Covid limitations.

During the festival, which also includes food, cultural celebrations, workshops, stalls, exhibitions, and entertainment, more than one million blooms will be on display under the new theme of “Sounds of Spring,” which will focus on music including “atmospheric instrumentals, classical, and contemporary tunes”.

As Floriade celebrates all things flowers, food, and gardens, there will also be a varied program of live music, food, and wine, market vendors, creative displays, entertainment, a celebrity guest appearance, recreational activities, and more. With lectures, demonstrations, and interesting installations, the festival program will also highlight the best in horticulture and garden design for those with an eye for the outdoors.

spring festival

Explore the dark side

As NightFest makes a triumphant return with an outstanding lineup of after-dark entertainment, you can also investigate Floriade’s shadowy side.

From September 29 to October 2, four evenings of light shows will change and illuminate the gardens from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. while roaming entertainment, stalls, bars, and food will highlight the best of Canberra’s regional artisanal fare.

Grab some friends, and a bottle of local wine, and go for a late-night stroll through Floriade.

On the Dogs’ Day Out, an annual feature of the event, your four-legged pals can also take pleasure in running around among the flowers. On the final day of Floriade, Sunday, October 16, visitors are welcome to bring their dogs for a “paws itively” ideal day of entertainment and socializing.

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Flower power

Local communities and organizations have been urged to participate in Australia’s largest spring festival.

To plant in their suburbs and spread the color around the city, neighborhood groups, schools, and organizations have received over 300,000 bulbs and annuals.

You’ll want to enjoy everything Canberra has to offer, including its top-notch museums and art galleries, vibrant restaurant and cafe scene, stunning natural surroundings, tiny villages, and wineries, so make sure to stay a few days and explore.

The ACT Government hopes to restore Floriade to the pre-pandemic levels of visitation when half a million people attended the flower festival. Naturally, everyone’s favorite NightFest will return, with a “revamped” program of after-dark illuminations and entertainment.

Floriade 2022, a colorful and lovely event with something for everyone, is the best way to enjoy spring. Gates are open every day from 9 am to 5.30 pm and entry is free.

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