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Australian Nail Art Trends for 2022 to keep your digits looking new

by Jasbinder Singh
Australian Nail Art Trends for 2022 to keep your digits looking new

If you thought the last few years’ nail art trends for 2022 were the stuff of fantasies, although with a DIY twist (for obvious reasons), then ready to be pricked by the fresh and unique perspective on the 2022 nail designs to come.

We asked three important players in the Australian nail industry for their predictions for the coming year: Melbourne nail artist Sass Nail Artistry, Bridie Alman, and Crimson Dunstan of FLOWERBED NAILS, and Sydney nail artist Victoria Hollis AKA Mannequin Hands.

The simple pleasures of life are the most important in today’s world.

When it comes to beauty, nothing beats starting the new year with a new set of nails.

The power of a brand new and oh-so-trendy manicure adds something special to not only our hands but also to our new year mindset. Whether you prefer to learn the art of at-home nail art or leave it to the pros, there’s bound to be a manicure for you out there.

 Given that the new year will (hopefully) see us out and about more than the previous two, it’s time to start planning your nail game, whether that’s by experimenting with new styles or visiting your manicurist for a masterful application of your favorite classics with a twist.


Looking for some manicure ideas in preparation for 2022? We’ve compiled a list of nail trends for 2022 that will be seen on every fingertip next year.

Several Checkerboards

Checkerboard nails have become a must-have for manicure maniacs throughout 2021 unless you’ve been living under a rock. On the other hand, mixing and matching trends are on the menu for the coming year. Godspeed if you have a steady hand. If not, we recommend hiring a professional to achieve this look.

Periwinkle Paradise

Periwinkle, Pantone’s color of the year, is a dreamy blue-toned hue that will be on everyone’s fingertip by the end of 2022. We don’t mind if it’s solid, striped, French tip, or something else.

Y2K Swirls

It comes as no surprise that the early 2000s are making a comeback in more ways than one. Aside from hairstyles, makeup, and fashion trends, our favorite Y2K trends are making a comeback. Flowers, smiley faces, and bright swirls: if it was seen in the new millennium, it’s coming back to your nails.

Rainbow French Suggestions

The timeless classic that keeps reappearing. The Rainbow French Tip is a sweet and summer 2022 nail trends-loving twist on the iconic French manicure that combines multi-colored fun with the sophistication of a delicate tip. The best part? It’s not difficult to do on your own.

Green Gallons

Green hues are perfect for the holiday season, but it appears that they are also making their way onto our nails throughout the rest of the year. Verdant, or the ever-popular ‘Bottega Green,’ has emerged as the most popular color for the new year. And, to be honest, nothing says “put together” like matching your manicure to your handbag.

Let’s just say that the manicure trends for 2022 are all about living life in technicolor.

Summer moods, eye-catching designs, and texture

nail art

When it comes to nail art in 2022, we may expect a wide variety of designs.

It’s time to embrace the pleasant vibrations associated with summer, according to the guys at FLOWERBED NAILS. “Think gradient hues, delicious summer fruits, and light beams across your fingertips,” Alman and Dunstan suggest.

“With the world (hopefully) about to open up again, we’ll finally be in the mindset to completely embrace Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ spirit,” the duo added.

In addition, more subtle nail shapes are on the way. “There’s been a tendency toward long nails in the last 18 months, but we see the trend turning back to a more natural form à la Billie Eilish and Emma Chamberlain’s recent changes of pace.”

Prints are expected to be popular, according to Melbournian Sass Nail Artistry, “together with bright prints and patterns, [with] lots of retro and Y2K fashions coming back.”

And the 3D design will be everything for Victoria Hollis of Mannequin Hands fame. “Artists are experimenting with various textures,” she explains. “Think organic nature-inspired droplets and forms.”

Bright, bold colours

nail art

All of our nail experts agree: manicures in 2022 will be technicolor.

“We see males being a little more adventurous with vibrant forest greens and Mediterranean blues,” the FLOWERBED creators said.

“Tangerine orange nails are also expected to gain popularity.”

“Pink will always be a cult favorite for nails,” Sass Nail Artistry adds.

“However, green has recently been popular, and cobalt has steadily been sneaking into the spotlight as well.”

Given that “it’s been a terrible year,” Hollis believes the draw to “large, bold brights” is inevitable.

“People like to brighten up their days with their manicures, so I anticipate we’ll see vivid rainbows and neons,” says the Sydney resident.

The popularity of nail stickers is expected to skyrocket.

nail art

Fans of nail stickers, according to FLOWERBED NAILS, will become less of a confinement activity and more of a “vehicle for imagination and exploration.”

“[We’re] all about cooperation and working with the most intriguing artists and creatives from various creative industries to provide new and exciting works that our community can put their own personal twist on,” Alman and Dunstan add.

Sass Nail Artistry, on the other hand, adores the fact that nail stickers provide “a more price-friendly and efficient choice for clientele who want to have fun but don’t have the funds or time for hand-painted art.” They also mentioned that “several fantastic firms have come out with really attractive and stylish stickers.”

“I think decals always mirror what artists love to hand-paint,” Hollis speculates. “So I expect we’ll see more aurora decals, four and eight-point stars, and art-inspired decals!”

Some nail art trends for 2021 will be around for a long time.

However, we are not abandoning the DIY manicure, and it will still be popular in 2022.

“At-home nail art has been tested and perfected over respective lockdowns, and although we absolutely see nail connoisseurs going back to the nail salon as quickly as possible, there will also be a broader mix of consumers ready to try with manicures at home,” Alman and Dunstan say.

Mannequin Hands and Sass Nail Artistry are all about swirls when it comes to tried-and-true techniques that will always be on spot. “They’re just so comfortable,” Sass says.

Houllis, on the other hand, is experimenting with swirls, merging them with “colored French tips and checkerboard sets” that are “approachable and enjoyable.”

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