Home Fashion How To Re-Dye Your Faded Black Jeans ?

How To Re-Dye Your Faded Black Jeans ?

by Jasbinder Singh
How To Re-Dye Faded Black Jeans ?

Dye clothes

The clothes, with repeated wearing, washing them several times and spreading them under the strong sunlight, are exposed to losing a large part of the pigment that gives them their color, which leads to their fading, so that they appear as old despite their good and proper preservation of their fabric, so it is not appropriate or appropriate to wear them and go out It is used in public places, and the only solution by which you can use it for a longer period and return to wear it freely without feeling embarrassed by its dull color so re dye jeans to black dye, so that it will return and acquire a rich and attractive color that appears as new.

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How to dye jeans in black

All types of fabric do not respond to dyeing, as clothes made of silk are difficult to dye at home. As for clothes made of cotton and jeans, dyeing them at home is easy and simple. If you have a pair of faded jeans, you can dye them by following the following steps.

Pre-preparation for the dyeing process

 How To Dye Your Faded Black Jeans | Faded black jeans

Before starting to dye the pants, it must be washed well from the dirt and dust sticking to it, and left to dry under the strong sunlight.

To dye jeans in black, we need a black clothes dye, which can be obtained from Al Attar and be in the form of black powder, and we will also need a large amount of hot water so that the pants are completely submerged, a cup of vinegar, a large, deep metal pot, gloves for the hands, and a bowl Small and big.

Steps to dye your jeans black

Melt the dye in a small bowl with a small amount of hot water, and stir well until completely dissolved.

The large metal saucepan is placed on a hot heat, and hot water and melted powder dye are added to it, and the water is left until it reaches a boiling point.

Add jeans to the pot and cover well with water until it is completely covered, and leave with water while maintaining its boiling temperature for two minutes of time, and the fire is extinguished with the pants remaining in the pot immersed in black dye for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours have passed, transfer the pants to the large bowl with the addition of a sufficient amount of cold water to completely submerge them, and it is preferable to wear gloves to prevent the hands from picking up the color of the dye, with the addition of half a cup of black vinegar to it, and leave for a full hour.

After the hour has passed, the previous step is repeated again, adding the remaining half cup of vinegar to the cold water.

Dyed pants should be washed in cold water only, and spread without squeezing in the shade, out of direct sunlight.

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