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The AUSTRALIA 2022 cosmetic surgery trend

by Jasbinder Singh
The AUSTRALIA 2022 cosmetic surgery trend

Many of us who have been feeling less than wonderful recently will get a chance to start again in 2022. Fat reduction is the most important mission for the future of plastic cosmetic surgery, and innovative new procedures have made it simpler than ever to lose a few excess pounds that resist diet and exercise. CoolSculpting, for example, is a revolutionary new process that eliminates fat cells by specifically chilling them.

Cosmetic surgery is popular all around the world, and Australia is one of the top ten nations in terms of spending. In 2017, Australia spent $1 billion on cosmetic surgery, breaking the billion-dollar barrier. In 2018, there were 202,642 operations performed in Australia.

For some, a fresh start may take the form of improved eating habits and new workout routines. For others, it takes the shape of cosmetic changes.

Breast augmentations and butt lifts were popular cosmetic treatments in previous years, but this year’s trend is for “facial rejuvenation and glamorization.”


Dr. Jack Zoumaras, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and the current Chairman of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons’ NSW state chapter, has observed an influx of patients requesting treatments.

“We’re already scheduled with face operations through April 2022,” he says.

“As a facelift expert plastic surgeon, all of the patients I treat are interested in facial rejuvenation and glamorization.” Rejuvenation is anti-aging surgery, whereas glamorization is cosmetic surgery to improve one’s appearance.


“Such surgeries include fox eye, cat eye surgery, cheek or chin implants, and generating a supra tip break or ski slip on the nose.”

Another typical request is to eliminate “fat bags” beneath the eyes, as well as “big humps on the nose,” according to Dr. Zoumaras. Then there are requests for neck lifts, which were previously overlooked when it comes to anti-aging therapies.

According to Dr. Zoumaras, these patterns in Australia mirror those reported in the United States, where colleagues report a large frequency of requests for cosmetic surgery.


Because of the coronavirus pandemic’s influence on operations, many patients have accelerated their procedures to avoid future lockdowns.

“Traditionally, patients desired office-based, low downtime operations,” Dr. Zoumaras continues. “However, the global adoption of COVID-19 has rendered downtime obsolete.”

“Patients are electing to have more significant face treatments performed, and they are traveling less and spending more money on plastic surgery.”

According to Dr. Zoumaras, aging of the face is “complicated” from the standpoint of a surgeon since it includes skin aging, fat decline, and muscle and ligament laxity.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons advises patients to examine the credentials of any medical experts they visit for operations.

Dr. Jack Zoumaras is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and the current Chairman of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons‘ NSW state chapter, with a particular interest in facial cosmetic surgery.

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