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The Best Australian Men’s Fashion Designers and Brands

by Jasbinder Singh
The Best Australian Men’s Fashion Designers and Brands

What would we be without the top Australian men’s apparel companies and Australian fashion designers? It seems like just yesterday that our region was recognized for importing global fashion trends and barely managing to create its own unique looks. But, owing to the advent of several fantastic home-grown brands over the last two decades, that has all changed.

Australian streetwear and apparel manufacturers are clothing legions of trend-setters here on home soil now more than ever before. A handful has even made a significant impact on the international scene.

Of course, we should give it up to the pioneers who originally placed Australia on the map and continue to compete with the best of them. On our list of the top Australian men’s fashion companies and designers, you’ll discover a bit of new and a lot of old. Others have brilliantly reinvented European inspirations, while some have refined the art of Sydney’s seaside style. The top 28 may be seen below.

The Academy Brand

When it comes to men’s fashion in Australia, Academy Brand stands out. Academy Brands, the brainchild of ex-advertising creative Anthony Pitt, emerged in 2008 and has been crushing it ever since. The label’s mantra is unrestricted men’s fashion at an affordable price, and it never fails to deliver. This well-known Australian apparel company is never far away, thanks to its user-friendly website and a diverse network of retail outlets.

Assembly Label

Do you enjoy the idea of coastal-inspired designs and exceptional materials at very reasonable prices? If so, you’ll enjoy Assembly Label, an Australian company that’s been making waves since 2011.

Look no further for an enhanced take on menswear essentials that will last for years.


This Australian men’s fashion label, according to its name, conveys freedom and independence one lookbook at a time. Autonomy, which was founded in 2003 by Melbourne graphic designer and music producer Nick Demkiw, offers a broad and fluid approach to fashion, never remaining still for too long. However, neutral colors definitely have a tendency to dominate, which no one can deny.

Barney Cools

We have yet to discover a brand that better captures casual Sydney style than Barney Cools. This Australian apparel line pushes you to come outside and embrace the world on a beautiful afternoon, remaining out until dark thanks to its brilliant colors and carefree atmosphere.

That’s what we call the Sydney way.

This is one of the major reasons why the globe is becoming more interested in Australian streetwear brands companies and coastal fashion trends. Barney Cools is one of the most popular Australian men’s apparel companies.


BLAIRARCHIBALD, situated in Brunswick, has been putting its own unique touch on Australian menswear culture since 2014. Each collection is a unique combination of clean lines, high-quality fabrics, and military and workwear elements. It’s no wonder that this company was awarded the renowned Woolmark Prize in 2017 when it comes to Australian menswear labels.

Chris Ran Lin

Chris Ran Lin is a designer who grew up in China and relocated to Melbourne over 10 years ago to further his education at RMIT. He founded his own line in 2013, focusing on the strength of knitted clothes. When it comes to wool, Lin is a true expert, combining old-school techniques with new-school style to great effect. To say the least, there are a lot of warm sensations.

Chronicles of Never

The Never Chronicles are a collection of short stories about people who have Gareth Moody, a former Ksubi student, launched his own trends jewellery line in 2006.

Since then, Chronicles of Never has grown to become one of Australia’s most prestigious fashion labels. Dark colors and unisex shapes reinforce the concepts of fantasy and spirituality. Moody’s designs absolutely ooze with atmosphere, as if he’s taking his last name to heart.


When it comes to men’s apparel labels, Australia has a lot to offer, but FEIT stands out. FEIT was started in Australia by brothers Tull and Josh Prince before relocating to New York. We obviously don’t hold their relocation against them, as seen by their position on our list of the finest Australian men’s fashion labels. Plus, who can say no to the label’s prestigious leather footwear and high-end accessories, which strike the perfect combination of elegance and modernity? That’s right: no one.

Jac + Jack

‘Slow-fashion’ is a core value of Jac & Jack, where rigorous attention to detail is a way of life. Founders Jacqueline “Jac” Hunt and Lisa “Jack” Dempsey work directly with textile mills and spinners at every stage of the process.

The brand’s exquisite lines, which make adept use of textiles like merino wool, cashmere, and silk, provide plenty of comfort and flair. One of the most fashionable men’s apparel brands in Australia is Jac & Jack.


Kloke, a Melbourne native, is still associated with the greatest in urban style. The brand’s recognizable outerwear brims with a flexible appeal, straddling the border between sidewalk and runway. The shirts, jeans, shorts, and jackets from this Australian designers apparel line may be worn anywhere and in any style.



Ksubi has taken some of the greatest Australian fashion to the rest of the globe by following its own set of rules. This immensely successful designer label, which also manufactures resoundingly unique eyewear, is all about outstanding denim, gripping images, and raw accents. Come see what 141k Instagram followers and a devoted audience (including a slew of celebs) have already figured out.



Still, thinking about denim? Then make a beeline for Neuw, a denim emporium where trademark denim reigns supreme. The vivid use of color and material, among other things, distinguishes this Australian label from the norm. The brand leaves little to be desired when it comes to a wide selection of fits and details.  Neuw is one of the trendiest Australian men’s clothing brands on the market.



Gareth Moody and fellow Ksubi alum George Gorrow formed this purposely vague label as if they weren’t busy enough with the Chronicles of Never. Non-Type refuses to follow a precise set of norms, trends, styles, or genres, yet has its finger on the pulse of modernity. The options are unlimited with the doors wide open. Everybody is invited.


Perks and Mini

Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey are the husband and wife partnership behind Perks and Mini, an Australian designers streetwear company that is strong in size and style. Expect eye-catching designs on the brand’s great clothes, as well as the occasional understatement. Best-selling headgear and instantly recognizable accessories are also included.


R.M. Williams

The Australian men’s fashion scene may be dominated by a slew of newcomers, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for some old-school titans. R.M. Williams, for example, has been making its iconic leather boots for over 70 years using the same technology. The ruggedly attractive apparel and accessories of the company are also legendary, particularly in the outback. R.M. Williams is a well-known Australian men’s apparel company.



What began as a wholesale operation has grown into one of Australia’s leading swimwear and leisurewear companies, with a devoted following to prove it. If you want to get a taste of the seaside lifestyle, Venroy is a great location to start. To say the least, the label does Bondi Beach proud.



In the early 2000s, designers Leith Testoni and Jonathon Yeo were underwhelmed by the Australian men’s fashion industry, so they founded Zanerobe to fill the void. To this day, the forward-thinking streetwear label exclusively produces items that its creators wish to wear. Their seamless blend of approachability and charisma hits the right note. Zanerobe is one of the most well-known Australian men’s apparel labels on the market.

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