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The men’s jewellery brands from Australia that can elevate your style

by Jasbinder Singh
The men's jewellery bands from Australia that can elevate your style

Men’s fashion and lifestyle in Australia are creating waves throughout the world. Yes, it appears that most people still associate Australia with kangaroos, creepy crawlers, koala bears, gigantic beer cans, and crocodile hunters. They believe the Sydney Opera House marks the beginning and end of our appetite for finer things. Such blatant profiling is absolutely unacceptable. Sure, we’re not all Hugh Jackman, but Australia has a number of cultural landmarks that ought to be acknowledged. Similarly, there is a slew of Australian men’s fashion and lifestyles that have had a significant impact on the business.

These are the locations to go if you’re looking for a new signet or a silver necklace inspired by the Normal People.

For a long time, it appeared that the closest men got to statement jewellery was the watch they were undoubtedly given when they turned 21. But, just as the male species has been eager to adopt dubious fashions like jeggings, skinny ties, and straw hats, so has the female species welcomed men’s jewellery brands.

The men's jewellery brands from Australia that can elevate your style

It’s difficult to determine whether we owe our thanks to Jack Sparrow or Harry Styles. But one thing is certain: when it comes to jewellery, Australian businesses are on top of their game, especially when it comes to sustainability.

Men’s jewellery brands 2021, like the things you wear, reflects your particular style, which may make it tough to pick-there are so many designers to choose from and so many distinct types. It goes without saying that the jewellery we wear should represent our personalities, which for some (or the majority, we’d hope) means selecting only ethically created and sourced items. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Australian jewellery businesses that are leading the way in terms of local manufacture and long-term sustainability.

The men's jewellery brands from Australia that can elevate your style

Released From Love

Released From Love is a gender-neutral company that has adhered to a set of “commandments” in the creation of its products since the beginning. All of the pieces are composed of recycled Australian sterling silver and vermeil in 23-carat yellow gold. Released from Love also has a commandment to generate no landfill scrap metal for new pieces, and its packaging is created with FSC-certified paper and fairtrade cotton bags.

The men's jewellery brands from Australia that can elevate your style

Bones’ Heart

StarDust Old is a new line that features vintage diamonds that the business has consciously collected over the years from antique auctions, secondhand jewellers, and close friends and family. These diamonds were recycled into signet rings, and like all of their other items, they were meticulously created in their Melbourne workshop, evoking the brand’s anti-mass manufacturing credo.

The men's jewellery brands from Australia that can elevate your style


Meadowlark’s men’s collection is more maximalist than its seasonal women’s 2021 jewellery trends collections, and it’s all the better for it. They’re manufacturing some of the coolest signet rings, necklaces, and bracelets around, all with a transparent supply chain and sustainably sourced materials.

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Seb Brown

Brown designs jewellery with the intention of having a long-term connection with the user, with quality and sustainability appearing to be at the forefront of the designer’s thinking. All of Brown’s creations jewellery trends for men’s, which are handcrafted in his Melbourne workshop, are produced with verified non-conflict diamonds.

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Jordan Askill

Jordan Askill’s environmental science education shines through in his jewellery. Each of his initiatives, which prominently include 3D printing, is inspired by nature and frequently aims to raise awareness of endangered species.

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Holly Ryan

“This year celebrates Holly Ryan’s tenth anniversary, so it was very essential for me to highlight the brand’s long-standing ideals of sustainability and artisanship,” says designer Holly Ryan. Holly Ryan’s worldview emphasises sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

Customers can return pre-owned items for shop credit or have them redone by Holly as part of their recycling drive. Her timeless art-driven designs are made-to-order using recycled gold and silver and focus on durability.

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Sarah & Sebastian

Sarah & Sebastian have been committed to ecologically responsible processes and creating items that are socially sustainable since the beginning.

Made-to-order items are created in the brand’s Sydney warehouse using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.

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William Édouard

William Édouard, which was founded by Australian William Drury, focuses on uncompromising quality, designing minimalist collections of 2021 jewellery for men’s rings and necklaces using only ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals.

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Crooked Howlet

Crooked Howlet is a more inexpensive collection of 2021 men jewellery brands in Australia that reflects a macho, street-inspired vibe, giving items that appear as if they were custom-made for your favourite singer for less. They regularly work with designers and tattoo artists, and they handcraft all of their items in their Sydney studio.

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Natalie Marie

Natalie Marie’s men’s collection is tiny yet powerful, concentrating on the necessities that any guy seeking to dabble in the world of jewellery brands for men may confidently wear. The Guardian trending necklace 2021 is the perfect all-around chain to fit any occasion, while their initial signet rings are subtle and eye-catching.

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Arms of Eve Man

Arms of Eve is one of Australia’s fastest-growing jewellery companies, inspired by creator Kerryn Leigh’s travels as a fashion designer for men clothing and brands around Australia, Africa, and North America. The inaugural AOE Man collection, which includes clean-looking bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, has expanded its line of ethically sourced, hand-made items to include unisex options.

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