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The most popular summer fashion trends in Australia in 2022

by Jasbinder Singh
The most popular summer fashion trends in Australia in 2022

What fashion trends do your customers wish to see this year at your store? From striped shirts to oversized skirts and basket bags, here are our top selections for the top-selling summer fashion trends in Australia in 2022.

Striped shirts, gingham-patterned skirts and tops, basket bags, stacked necklaces, and ecologically friendly fabrics like linen are among the biggest fashion trends in Australia for summer 2021-2022.

You may be wondering what trends to buy into this year as you prepare your fashion business for the Christmas buying rush.

It’s a good idea to mix in some fresh designs among the tried-and-true hits over the Christmas season. But, with so many new and interesting trends on the market, how can you choose which ones to try?

If you’re looking for advice, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This post will provide you with our best selections for popular summer fashion trends that your consumers will adore this summer. These designs are sure to sell quickly, so instead of being stuck with dead stock, you’ll find yourself reordering them over and over!

The trendiest summer fashion trends in Australia right now

Striped shirts

This summer, multicoloured striped shirts are popular. They’re a whimsical throwback to the technicolour flicks of the 1970s, combining comfort and design. The pastel colour blocks give the classic cut a young appearance without making it appear childish.

Striped shirts may be worn undone and half-tucked into a pair of shorts for a fashionable, laid-back look. Customers will fall in love with this design when they see it in your business this season, whether it’s oversized shirts or shirt dresses.


Gingham is one of those styles that resurfaces every few years – and it’s making a comeback this season! Gingham is a cheery design that would brighten anyone’s day, but when matched with the proper silhouette, it can be sensuous and feminine.

Consider short, flowing summer dresses that quickly recall the tranquilly and joy of the countryside, or lovely wrap tops that add a touch of elegance to a casual outfit. Gingham will captivate the hearts of your consumers this year, whether the design is large or little.

Basket bags

Basket bags are part of a bigger trend that favours natural, organic materials over synthetic, man-made materials. Humans are innately drawn to nature, as will your consumers be drawn to these weaved purses made of natural fibres.

Basket bags, due to their neutral tones, complement any of the season’s colourful apparel choices. Furthermore, their XXL size makes them ideal for excursions to the farmer’s market or a leisurely day at the beach. They are available in a variety of forms, ranging from rectangular to round.


summer fashion trends

This season, celebrities and Instagram influencers are all wearing cutouts. While some outfits feature modest cuts that highlight exactly the right area, others are more adventurous and expose flesh in unexpected areas.

However, the smart positioning of the cutout always provides a sexy-and-classy sense to these goods, calling emphasis to the feminine silhouette’s exquisite contours. This style may be seen in a variety of fabrics, colours, and patterns, and it can be found in everything from dresses and tops to slim jeans.

Nautical boho

fashion trends

Boho fashion, which arose from the bohemian culture and lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s, has taken numerous incarnations throughout the years. It’s morphing into a nautical version of itself this summer, with clothing and accessories reminiscent of sandy beaches and small fishing communities.

Your consumers will enjoy this unique take on boho, whether it’s a sky-blue two-piece with nautical rope design, a delicate skirt with a wide pirate belt, or a fitting bikini with a small flower pattern. Don’t forget to give them a cap to match their new clothes!

The appearance is oversized.

summer fashion trends

Oversized products have been popular for some years and show no signs of abating. Just as well, because who doesn’t want to appear stylish while wearing comfortable, roomy clothes that don’t cling to their body in the summer heat?

Your consumers will want to have a few big shirts and dresses in their wardrobe for days when they just want to throw on something nice without thinking about it too much. Colour blocks, floral designs, and stripes – as long as they are available in loose-fitting sizes, this style will sell quickly.


summer fashion trends

Babydolls are voluminous dresses and blouses with a whimsical style, and they are possibly the prettiest trend of the 2022 summer fashion trends. The puff sleeves and pleated skirts imply a youthful purity that may be offset with a great pair of heels or jewellery.

This design appeals to a younger demographic, therefore while shopping for babydolls, keep your consumer persona in mind.

Hair clips

summer fashion trends

We never imagined it would happen, but claw clips from the 1990s are back! Many various designs of hair clips are available, ranging from beautiful metal pins embellished with pearls to hair clips made of plastic or resin in a variety of colours.

Celebrities are making themselves the star of the show by wearing many hair clips, some of which are true statement pieces. Hairpins should be worn above the ears and in the front, near to the brow this summer.

Best of all, hair clips are the ideal minor purchase for shoppers to add to their shopping carts once they’ve finished exploring your online summer fashion trends business.

Necklaces that are layered

summer fashion trends

Speaking about accessories, these summer fashion trends are all about gold jewellery – the more of it, the better, especially for necklaces. Layering two or three necklaces of varying lengths and thicknesses, as well as golden medallions adorned with pictures of the sun, moon, or zodiac signs, is popular right now.

Your customers will be delighted to discover necklace sets in your business that they can mix and match to get a polished, sophisticated look.

Eco-friendly brands

fashion trends

In the fashion industry, sustainability is a prominent concern. As the demand for eco-friendly clothes develops, a growing number of fashion firms are making attempts to produce garments that are ecologically friendly.

Lylou, for example, is a niche green label that takes great attention in both materials and design. As a result, there is a beautiful selection of natural materials and earthy colours for plastic-free, biodegradable, and vegan clothes.

Luxurious linen

fashion trends

Linen is a substance that is underappreciated. It’s a remarkably flexible fabric that can be used to make everything from dresses to two-piece suits.

Linen items are available in moderate beige and black hues as well as vibrant, summery colours this season. Add a couple of these pieces to your inventory so that your consumers may discover these luxuriant textiles that are ideal for the warm weather.

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