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The Popularity of Shoes in Australia and the Most Recent Shoe Trends

by Jasbinder Singh
The Popularity of Shoes in Australia and the Most Recent Shoe Trends

Shoes come in a variety of styles, are pricey or inexpensive, attractive or comfy, and, most importantly, provide outstanding foot protection. This item has evolved from only being used for footwear to being used for fashion. Shoes in Australia have a separate baseline for trends and style in terms of uniqueness. Because of the trend, branded and limited edition shoes can fetch $50,000 or more due to their unique and limited design.

If lockdown has taught us anything over the last 18 months, it’s the value of the internet and its capacity to keep us all connected, online companies running, and nearly everything and everything we need at our fingertips.

While the majority of individuals and companies in Australia are now undergoing lockdown limitations, the seasons inexorably march on, and the new Spring fashion 2021 Summer collections appear to be starting to drop online.

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and I’m thrilled to see what’s trendy and possibly get some inspiration for my own wardrobe update for the coming warmer months.

Navigating what’s in fashion and what to wear for Spring Summer 2021 may be difficult, but here are the latest shoe styles for SS2021, as well as where you can get them right now, to get a head start on renewing your wardrobe options.


Grazie Sergio Square Toe Sandals | Sergio Rossi | Shop Now– Liberty Shoes  Australia

Out with the point and in with the square – well, not exactly, but I believe it’s safe to say there has been a ‘toe’ movement in recent years, from round to pointed to square. The growth in popularity of the trendy square toe shoe can be attributed to the premium design business Bottega Veneta. Since hiring Daniel Lee as CEO, the square toe style has been the brand’s signature look, inspiring numerous designers to follow suit.

Whether you like this design or not, there is no doubting that the square toe trend has been ruling the industry since early 2020 and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Designers have been discovering new and adaptable ways to incorporate this style into their own distinctive designs, and we are seeing a fresh twist on this trend emerge this season in a number of ways. If you want to experiment with a pair of square toes,’ there are a myriad of shoe-type possibilities to suit everyone and any budget.



Returning to nature never before has a season provided us with so many distinct designs using such a diverse range of raw and natural materials, all while celebrating the tradition of old-world craftsmanship from civilizations all over the world.

This season, mules and sandals are being reimagined in unexpected materials such as raffia, soft linens, woven and basketweave leathers, braided fabrics, and androgynous groupings. The tonal palette makes these styles not only highly adaptable, but also distinctive, intriguing, and just awesome. These are the heels you want to ‘add to the basket’ when you don’t want to appear like everyone else.


Sandal Trends 2020: All the Styles To Stock Up On This Summer | StyleCaster

Our spring/summer sandals this year are divided into three unique subcategories: the dad sandal, the barley their strappy sandal, and the traditional mule (with a twist).


The dad sandal trend exploded in 2020 and is still a disputed style this season, much to the clunky/ugly shoe trend that was prominent last year. I’m sure the marmite dad sandal trend will continue to divide opinion and won’t be for everyone this season, but there’s no doubting this style is hotter than ever and is now experimenting with new textured materials and styles.


Shoes in Australia

This season’s strappy sandal pays reference to the rebirth of the 1980s.

When models were taller, heels were shorter, and straps were thinner.

While strappy sandals are nothing new, this season sees the return of barely-there thin straps, fascinating angular and multi-directional strap placements, and the inclusion of a toe bar (emulating a heeled thong / flip flop), chain and metal accents, and lower heel heights.


Shoes in Australia

Clear heels with perspex straps were a huge trend in 2019, not just because they go with everything, but they also offer some real leg-lengthening advantages.

This season, we’re seeing a resurgence of the transparent style, but with the addition of colored translucent PVC and embellishments. I’m not sure whether this is a trend I’ll follow because I believe it negates the idea of having a barely-there appearance, but I do like that it’s something a bit new and provides a unique finish.


Metallic Pointed Toe Stiletto Heels | SHEIN IN

Metallics have always been popular, but this season, silver, gold, and jewel-toned metallic heels are your new ‘neutral,’ and they’re not only for special events since they’re adaptable enough to wear every day.

If the gleam of a metallic shoe decorating your foot isn’t enough, metallic shoes have been upgraded with embellishments and are also available in casual flats this season.

I enjoy the contrast of blending casual and elegant looks, and this season’s metallic fashions are a great way to accomplish that appearance.


Colors this season are both vintage and forward-thinking, injecting hope and renewal into an otherwise neutral and monochromatic season palette.

Back in my blog article Fashion color trends Autumn Winter 2021, I mentioned how coronavirus has a direct tie to the color trends for 2021.

While hard-core minimalists may want to adhere to a tried-and-true neutral palette, the new color trends for this season are all about soft and bright subdued colors that may serve as neutral foundation tones in your outfit or as dramatic accent colors.

Bright splashes of color in colors of green, yellow, pink, and lilac remind us that summer is just around the horizon while energizing any ensemble with the lively and cheerfulness we’ve been seeking. Whether you’re a colorist or a nudist, this season’s colors are universal, will work with a wide range of skin tones, and can effortlessly transfer into any existing outfit.


The classic pump, like an old familiar friend, is the only kind of high heels that always return each season, and for good reason. Not only is this design highly adaptable to wear with every outfit, for any event, and in any season or weather, but it is also sure to give you that confident boss female spirit every time. Classic, timeless, and effortlessly stylish, this is the one style every girl needs in her collection and an investment ‘go-to’ essential that will not date for many years to come.


Shoes in Australia

Following on from the black chunky/combat boots that everyone was wearing in the winter, chunky welly type boots are a hot trend in spring. The clunky welly is lighter in muted nudes this season to freshen up your wardrobe from all the gloomy winter colors and complement our lighter-colored outfits.

They’re a terrific addition to your 2021 spring summer fashion trends wardrobe and a highly useful addition to those spring rains that come with the change of seasons.

The Global Popularity of Shoes

The current shoes that we wear are said to have been invented in early 1910 for troops who went to combat in conflicts, based on their design and toughness to endure any tiny impediment and protect the feet. After they were released, the boots became incredibly popular, and these shoes became famous all over the world in a short period of time. When they became famous, people began to judge others based on their boots rather than their beauty.

People were initially interested in the hues of black and white shoe colors, but current society has introduced new colors and styles as a result of the popularity of pop and hip-hop culture. Soon after, the personalization of shoes became popular. A person bought shoes based on their career or personality.

Australia’s Custom-Made Shoe Trends

People in Australia prefer to be stylish and wear attractive clothes and shoes. Furthermore, unique shoes in Australia indicate that individuals prefer to wear more comfortable and customized footwear. Shoe heads in Australia can customize their own shoes or purchase custom-made shoes from retailers or bespoke shoe painters. Shoe size, shape, design, and pattern customization are all available. Additionally, personalized shoes are offered for special events, such as Christmas and Halloween. People customize their shoes not just for special events, but also to promote their favorite sports team. In Australia, customizing shoes to promote favorite teams is a widespread habit.

Things to Consider When Buying Custom Shoes

To customize shoe trends, first, decide what you want to do with them. Some shoe styles are not designed to be customized, thus it is not always feasible to paint them. Check whether the shoe’s material is appropriate for customization before proceeding. Shoes made of spongy substances are not appropriate for personalization. To learn more about shoes that are appropriate for customization, ask the vendor or visit the shoe brand’s official website. Because bespoke shoes are delicate, a single scratch can destroy the pattern, and the owner must take special care of them.

Professionals can assist you with customizing.

Shoe trends aid in the discovery of people from similar cultures since they can instantly recognize them by glancing at their shoes. Customized designs are one-of-a-kind and made especially for one individual. Regular shoes are usually hand-painted, or they are customized by expert shoe painters and custom shoemakers. These sneakers are really appealing and can work with any outfit. Paint painters in Australia make personalized shoes their main source of income. These pros charge $15-20 for each pair of shoes.

Everyone likes shoes! A person is characterized by the shoes they wear, whether they be working shoes, casual shoes, or party shoes. When it comes to customizing shoes, one should always look for customization businesses or well-known artisans.

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