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Winter Makeup Trends Australia Will Love in 2022

by Jasbinder Singh
Winter Makeup Trends Australia Will Love in 2022

Winter makeup trends have changed over the past few years. Recently, matte lips, powdered finishes, and jewel-toned autumnal colors were all the rage. New fashion trends are now focusing on adding everything that shimmers and glistens and a more dewy and healthy complexion. Here are the 2022 winter makeup trends that we’re most looking forward to.

Tinted Serums

Winter makeup trends

The trend of including more skincare in our daily makeup is one that we adore. Replace your ultra-high coverage foundation with a thin, tinted BB cream for your daily routine. You look soft and naturally attractive in addition to having your skin replenished and protected during the dry season. This year, all you need for your base is a tinted serum and a little concealer, cream bronzer, and blush!

Metallic Cream Shadows

Metallic cream eyeshadows are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason! Why are we so devoted to them? They are suitable for all eye shapes and have a buttery consistency that makes them easy to blend onto the lids. For a quick, carefree look, simply swipe your chosen color onto the lid. To add dimension, layer it with another color in the crease. They have a wonderful texture, wear beautifully, and have excellent pigment. To try out this winter makeup trend, pick a Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot.

Glossy Lips

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This winter, glossy lips are undoubtedly fashionable. Though the colors typically become darker as the seasons change, why not swap out your matte lipsticks for comfier, longer-lasting lip oils that moisturize your lips? For many years, lip oils have been widely used in Japan and South Korea. To ensure that your lips remain defined and plump with this winter makeup trend, we advise using a lip liner. 

Glitter Accents

Winter makeup trends

When it comes to everything glitter, the euphoria has undoubtedly had a long-lasting impact on our makeup application skills. The red carpet and nights out with friends are both sporting glitter accents right now. These can be as subtle as applying a light dusting of glitter to the tips of the cheekbones, or they can be as bold as applying glitter liberally to the lid, inner corner, and even under the eye. If you want to try out this trend, make sure to use glitter glue and cosmetic-safe glitter. 

Pops of Colour

Monochrome looks are evolving to resemble natural makeup with bright colors as we move toward more sheer and natural looks. Applying a vivid, pigmented yellow or orange shade to the inner corners of your eyes or using a strong purple winged liner are a couple of examples of this trend. Don’t worry about how you’re tying things together when adding pops of color. What matters is the striking result. 

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