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Dates of potential contamination with Hepatitis A

by Jasbinder Singh
Dates of potential contamination with Hepatitis A

Consumers were informed about a product recall after a batch of dates sold at supermarkets around NSW showed potential hepatitis A contamination.

The NSW Food Authority advised customers of the one kilogramme and five kilogramme Jordan River Dates, Picky Eaters Pty Ltd. A reminder.

The product was available in IGA and online as well as in independent NSW supermarkets.

Recall for Jordan River medjool dates after Hepatitis A outbreak

A reminder of Jordan River Dates of 1 kg and 5kg is made by Picky Eaters Pty Ltd. The product was on-line and available at IGA and NSW independent supermarkets.

  • The date of expiration is June 2022, and JRD 1/2021 is the batch number.
  • The reminder is due to potential contamination by microbials (Hepatitis A).
RM Import hits back after dates linked to Hepatitis A outbreak
  • If consumed, hepatitis A contaminated food products may lead to disease.
  • Any consumer interested in their health should seek medical consultation and return the product for a full refund to the place of purchase.

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