Home Health For ideal skincare, use natural substances from your own house.

For ideal skincare, use natural substances from your own house.

by Jasbinder Singh
For ideal skincare, use natural substances from your own house.

We live in a time when people are becoming more conscious of the ingredients in the items they consume and apply to their bodies. As we understand more about the effects of chemicals on our bodies and the environment, we’re moving toward more conscientious consumption. Many store-bought skincare products, as you are surely aware, include a lengthy list of ingredients that might possibly hurt your health. While many individuals accept this as the cost of good skincare, these natural substances penetrate into your skin through your pores and can cause long-term harm.

Stabilizers, preservatives, fragrant agents, and artificial colouring can all have harmful health and environmental consequences.

What effect do chemicals have on our skin?

In terms of both weight and surface area, the natural skin is the biggest organ in the body. The dermis and epidermis are the two layers of the skin. The dermis gives the skin support and structure. The epidermis is a layer of skin that protects the body (acts as a shield). The hypodermis, which lies beneath the dermis and provides insulation for the skin, is located beneath the dermis.

You run the danger of acquiring irritations and allergies from synthetic materials if you break through this barrier using chemical-based skincare solutions.

Fortunately, there are a variety of natural alternatives available, so your natural skin does not have to suffer. Keep an eye out for the following natural substances in your skincare products’ ingredient lists. We’ve put up a list of the greatest natural skincare components to make your skin glow. Ingredients in natural skincare

Coconut oil

It is possibly the most well-known and adaptable natural skincare product.

Coconut oil may be consumed as well as applied topically to the skin, and it has a number of therapeutic benefits on the skin, including the removal of dead skin cells, the strengthening of skin tissue, and the prevention of sunburns.

Furthermore, coconut oil is a fantastic antibacterial, allowing you to kill any bacteria, fungus, or viruses that have taken up residence in your epidermis. Coconut oil has even been shown to be useful in the treatment of skin conditions such as dermatitis. In our opinion, it is the finest natural component for the skin because of its potency and utility. Almost all of our products contain this component! We use coconut oil in a lot of our hair products, and it smells amazing!

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.

Tea tree oil has been used to treat breakouts, irritation, and redness on the skin by many women for hundreds of years. Tea tree oil is a well-tolerated substance that has no negative side effects when used to treat acne.

Tea tree oil is an effective antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal agent. Because of the phytochemicals (chemical compounds generated by plants), it is one of the most popular and adaptable natural skincare substances when applied directly to the skin.

Tea tree oil is beneficial to the skin.

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is a common component in all-natural skincare products.

It’s also a common culinary component.

After the wine component has been removed, it is squeezed out of grape seeds.

Grapeseed oil, like the all-time favourite natural substances skincare ingredient coconut, is high in linoleic acid and includes a lot of antioxidants.

Linoleic acid fights acne and keeps skin hydrated.

Unlike coconut oil, grapeseed oil is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores and may be used even on sensitive skin. It may also be used as a substitute for an eye cream to brighten dark circles. It has anti-inflammatory qualities as well. It is a commonly used moisturiser for acne-prone skin.

The nicest part about grape seed oil is that it leaves no residue on the skin. It dries quickly after application, making it an excellent make-up base.

The grape seed oil contains potent antioxidants and PTOs (proanthocyanidins), which help to reduce free radicals and prevent sun damage and the formation of age spots. PTOs also increase collagen synthesis, which helps to reduce fine wrinkles and stretch marks.

Roses Water

Rosewater has a positive impact on general health and appearance. Rosewater is beneficial to the skin in the treatment of acne and irritated skin. It has the ability to chill and soothe inflamed skin. It is both a cleanser and a moisturiser for oily and dry skin. It is also an anti-ageing agent since it helps tone, soften, renew, and revive aged skin, restoring its natural radiance.

Rosewater is high in vitamins and antioxidants, which nourish the skin. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic effects. This natural substance works effectively on all skin types.

Natural substances

Argan oil

Many people consider argan oil to be a fantastic skincare product. This is due to its high concentration of natural Vitamin E, vital fatty acids, and antioxidants. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as scars and stretch marks. It also works effectively in combating the early indications of sun damage and ageing, as well as improving skin suppleness.

Argan oil is a common natural component in face moisturisers, cleansers, eye creams, anti-ageing skincare, and make-up.

Argan oil for flawless skincare

Natural substances

East Indian sandalwood

This essential oil successfully inhibits the growth of germs on the skin and reduces inflammation as soon as any commercially available pimple treatment.

East Indian Sandalwood is ideal for dealing with a very obstinate outbreak.

It works best when mixed with almond oil, as slathering it all over your face might leave you feeling rather irritable.

It should be enough to use two or three drops of East Indian Sandalwood in 180 mL of almond oil.

Natural substances

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another well-known natural skincare product.

This chemical includes acetic acid, which makes it excellent for skin cleaning, destroying fungus, bacteria, and other pathogens in the skin, and acting as a capable acne stopper.

Apple cider vinegar has internal benefits as well since it supports a healthy amount of bacteria in the digestive tract and even improves liver function when consumed.

Perfect skincare with apple cider vinegar


Sea salt

The sea, the mother of all life, has endowed every organism on the planet with the wherewithal to survive.

The sea, being such a kind mother, even gifted us with a skincare remedy in the shape of sea salts.

These tiny seaborne crystals have collected a variety of minerals on their trek from the huge ocean to the beach, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and, of course, sodium.

These minerals are necessary components of our skin cells, which are always on the lookout for replacement parts in order to keep chugging along.

Sea salts should be administered topically, and they function best when combined with raw honey and avocado, all of which are excellent antioxidants. A decent ratio would be one part sea salt to two parts honey and avocado, however, you may experiment with different ratios to discover the one that works best for you.

Natural substances

Coffee bean

No skincare treatment is complete without a dosage of antioxidants, which the coffee bean provides. It appears to have a higher antioxidant capacity than even green tea, and tests on the products tend to back this up. During testing, it was shown that coffee bean products resulted in substantial changes in persons who had wrinkles and pigmentation. This component is used in our anti-ageing night cream, and let’s just say it’s fantastic!

Skincare with Coffee Bean Extract



Dermatologists consider these little fruits to be one of the most effective natural substances skin brighteners. Bearberry extract’s main selling point is its high quantities of arbutin, which is an effective inhibitor of the formation of black spots on your skin.

Bearberry extract isn’t as strong as the more prevalent hydroquinone, but it’s thought to be considerably safer owing to its natural, unadulterated nature. Bearberry extract, unlike hydroquinone, is safe to use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin

1. Butyl, Ethylparaben, Propyl, and Methyl.

These natural substances are inexpensive and have extended shelf lives. They are, however, poisonous and can induce skin responses and allergies.

2. Synthetic Colors

They are labelled as D&C or FD&C followed by the colour number. The majority of these harmful compounds are derived from coal tar, which has been linked to cancer-causing agents.

3. Synthetic Fragrances

These are frequently classified as “Fragrance” on labels and might be any of over 200 synthetic and hazardous substances that manufacturers can get.

They can induce headaches, rashes, skin irritations, and a variety of other symptoms.

4. Diethanolamine (DEA)/Triethanolamine (TEA) (TEA)

These substances help to alter the pH equilibrium.

These hazardous compounds can cause hair and skin dryness, as well as eye issues.

5. Behentrimonium Chloride

This is a kind of ammonia compound.

When swallowed, it is extremely poisonous and can be lethal.

All of these components have the potential to reach the circulation via skincare products, exposing the body to carcinogenic agents known to cause cancer.

So, the next time you go shopping for new skin or hair care products, read the label! Remember the advantages of using natural components over artificial ones, and you will be more confident in the things you purchase.

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