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4 countries that could become Australia’s next travel bubbles

by Jasbinder Singh
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As Australia prepares to launch its first international quarantine-free flights to New Zealand on Monday, attention is already turning to the next overseas destinations that could shape future travel bubbles with Australia.

On Thursday, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce spoke to reporters at Sydney’s First Class International Lounge, hinting at four countries that might be next in line.

“It all depends on the degree of Covid in each region, as well as the restrictions and testing that will be implemented,” he said.

“There are clearly a lot of countries in the region, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, that have tight control over Covid, but they give us market opportunities for Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan to potentially open up.

“But I’m still constantly looking at the Pacific Islands, since areas like Fiji and the Pacific Islands have a lot of potential to open up.”

Qantas is also on track to relaunch its international travel network on October 31, with tickets to several international destinations going on sale at the end of the month.

The deadline was set to coincide with Australia’s vaccine launch, which has since been postponed, but My Joyce said the restart is still a possibility.
The “obvious alternative” for a travel bubble, according to Scott Morrison.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison hinted last week at the next country to which Australia would open its borders, citing Singapore as a top contender.

“I’ve listed Singapore as an obvious next option before, but it’s still a long way off,” Mr Morrison said.
According to data from Johns Hopkins, Singapore had about 60,700 coronavirus cases and just 30 deaths during the pandemic.

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