Home Information A second winner of the $40 million Powerball jackpot has been discovered.

A second winner of the $40 million Powerball jackpot has been discovered.

by Jasbinder Singh

The quest for Sydney’s newest multimillionaire has come to an end with the discovery of the second $40 million Powerball winner.

The guy, who lives in Smithfield in Sydney’s west, was in possession of one of two division one winning entries, both of which received half of the $80 million Powerball jackpot from Thursday night’s draw.

Despite the fact that his entry was registered, lottery officials were unable to contact the winner.

Last week’s Powerball drawing netted a Sydney man $40 million. The Lott (file pic)

Officials from the lottery said he had been identified on Tuesday.

One of the digits in the phone number he gave was incorrect.

He didn’t find out about his victory until he checked his ticket over the weekend.

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He said, “I had no idea I’d won.”

“I had learnt they were attempting to contact another Powerball winner.

“I also told a friend that we’d never win because only old people win

Diplomats attempted to contact the man but were unable due to the fact that he sent them the incorrect phone number. Getty Images are used as a source. (photo taken from a file)

He said the victory brought him to tears, and he intends to put the money into paying off his debt.

He said, “I really can’t believe it.”

“I only thought a couple of million dollars would do, but this is seven or eight times that.”

With the Powerball number 1, the winning numbers were 35, 26, 10, 17, 31,19, and 21.

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