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After driver is arrested, cop completes DoorDash delivery

by Jasbinder Singh

A DoorDash customer had a police officer knock at his door after he had arrested his delivery driver.

According to ABC 12, an officer attached to the Jonesboro police department in the state of Arkansas was arrested by a DoorDash delivery driver on 29 June.

The driver was then on his way to supply food and Officer Tyler Williams, named “Sherry,” ensured that food was removed from the vehicle before it was towed.

Officer Williams ensured that he had the right address and took the food that was caught on his body cam.

The Department of Police at Jonesboro shared the Facebook video.

After the driver was arrested, a police officer finished a DoorDash delivery.

“Here’s Sherry? Officer Williams is told to ask a man that responds to the door.

The policeman then asks Sherry, who pulls her head out of a different room. 

Officer Williams says that “You don’t have to get up before she confirms she’s Sherry.

“I apprehended your DoorDash driver and brought your food to you.”

He holds the bag of food and takes it away from the man who responded, while Sherry laughs at the police officer.

The Facebook police station, together with “#protectandServe” and “#andDoorDash” have written “Y’all, I can’t make it…” “All of that…

After it was shared with Facebook, the video went quite viral, with more than 97,000 views.

According to FOX 5, a 22-year-old man has been arrested because he doesn’t have a valid car insurance and drives on a suspended licence.

After failing to appear in court, the driver also had a warrant for his arrest.

“Our community’s security is extremely important and we very seriously take reports of this kind, “In a statement to ABC 12, DoorDash spokesman said.

“We have disabled the Dasher and are in contact with law enforcement authorities to support their inquiry in any way possible.”

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