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AUSSIE GRADS: These are the rapidly increasing jobs.

by Jasbinder Singh

As the Australian labour market rebounds with revenge, the entry-level jobs in Australia have returned to the table, new figures have revealed.

The employment rate for this Group has recovered, with 116.4 per cent increase compared to April 2020, following the graduate employment slide during 2020 as businesses cut employees in the fight to survive the pandemic.

According to fresh data from LinkedIn, the country’s fastest growing graduate jobs have been designers, teachers, sales specialists, product managers and electricians.

In addition, LinkedIn data revealed the most currently recruiting industries, namely software & IT, construction, corporate services, manufacturing and healthcare.

The LinkedIn Australia Country Manager Matt Tindale added, “The generation that is graduating are digital indigenous people, and have the digital abilities and mindset to succeed.”

“The rapid digitalisation of companies and services, and not only in the technology industry, has created digital content, teaching and sales opportunities.

This new generation of workers are also more ready to proactively upgrade their skills, he added.

“It also adapts and develops skills quickly through short online learning courses, which provides great opportunities for career growth.”

The lockdowns not only stimulated the 2020 graduate group aggressively and led to an increase in the number of linked-ins between 2020 graduates compared to the 2019 cohort of graduates by 23 percent.

Although the data from LinkedIn show that graduate recruitment has gone on, there is still a fair way to go.

Youth Australians remain Australia’s most unemployed with a double-digit youth unemployment rate of 10.7%.

But by the end of May 2020, the pandemic has already declined by 5.1 per cent.

Young people are mostly affected by lock-downs because the majority of the hospitality and hospitality staff are involved.

Nevertheless, recent Seek and ANZ employment figures show that Australia is currently in a nation-wide employment situation.

According to ANZ Senior Economist Catherine Birch, even the recent lockdowns will not stop the overall lift in the job market.

“Recent history has demonstrated that workers who were laid off or locked down tend to be restored and find new jobs quickly when restrictions are removed, given the underlying strength of the labour market and overall demand,” she said.

For the rest of the year, ANZ forecasts the unemployment rate to continue to slide, at 5.1 percent at the moment.

“Only 1 9 employees live on vacancies at a lowest rate are double their pre-pandemic,” said Birch.,” he said.

“This indicates a further decline in the unemployment rate.”

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