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Australia Post Has Issued A Job Advertisement For A Staggering 6,000 Jobs.

by Jasbinder Singh
Australia Post has issued a job advertisement for a staggering 6,000 jobs.

Christmas is less than three months away, and businesses are looking for new employees to help them prepare for what is likely to be a massive internet sales period. Australia Post is looking to hire up to 6,000 new permanent and casual team members across all states and territories. They are primarily looking for high school graduates and seniors to join their team.

“We offer stability around shifts for the next peak time, as well as competitive compensation for a wide range of professions, many of which require no prior experience,” said executive general manager people and culture Susan Davies.

In all states and territories, Australia Post is looking to fill a range of positions with up to 6,000 additional permanent and temporary team members.

Amazon is looking to hire Australians to increase its workforce as it prepares for another holiday season of record-breaking online sales.

By Black Friday, which is on November 22, the online retailer said it plans to hire an additional 2000 individuals in casual positions.

The company’s fulfillment centers and logistical facilities around the nation would use this personnel to “help pick, pack, and transport consumer purchases.”

Australia Post

Before Christmas, Amazon Australia is hiring tens of thousands of temporary workers.

Seasonal positions are ideal for people who want something temporary, like students on summer break, while flexible job opportunities are ideal for people who want to work around their existing schedules or are looking for an additional source of income, according to Amazon Australia Director of Operations Mindy Espidio-Garcia.

As part of its Amazon Flex initiative, which enables customers to deliver products using their own vehicles, the business claimed to also have open positions.

It might be difficult to find workers, though, with unemployment at a level that is close to 48 years low.

Recently, Dan Murphy’s provided “on-the-spot” interviews for jobs in an effort to fill thousands of open positions in its retail locations.

The hiring blitz was an effort made by the corporation in preparation for a busy summer and holiday season.

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