Home Information Due to Omicron border restrictions, Australians are delaying their trips.

Due to Omicron border restrictions, Australians are delaying their trips.

by Jasbinder Singh
Due to Omicron border restrictions, Australians are delaying their trips.

According to a new study, over three-quarters of Australians are rethinking their trip plans as a result of the Omicron variant, uncertainty over border restrictions, and quarantine procedures.

Four out of five Australians believe the “uncertainty” of the Omicron strain, as well as border restrictions and quarantine regulations, has “negatively impacted” their summer vacation plans.

According to a study done by the Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF), 53% of respondents have “no confidence” in making any interstate travel plans as a result of recent COVID-19 limitations.

Only 41% felt confident in making interstate travel reservations, and only 6% were certain enough to book without hesitation.

According to the poll, 68% of travelers claimed that short notice lockdowns, along with a lack of uniformity in policies throughout states and territories, had had the greatest impact on their confidence.

Western Australia (52%) and Queensland (19%) topped the list of states most likely to close their borders quickly, with the possibility of additional lockdowns.

Only 2% of the 1,500 Australians polled intend to go internationally during the summer vacation, 20% intend to visit another state or territory, and the vast majority (78%) intend to stay in their home state.

TTF CEO Margy Osmond stated that the introduction of the Omicron version, as well as the ambiguity surrounding governmental regulations, is extremely troubling for the tourist business.

“The tourist sector is now more than ever counting on a good December/January holiday season to drive recovery,” she added. “This setback will cause further pain just when operators and the aviation industry were preparing for a busy summer.”

Australia Delays Border Reopening for Migrant Workers Because of Omicron  Variant

“With state border restrictions loosening, some of the greatest ticket prices we’ve seen this summer, and a last-minute rush in interstate travel bookings now in peril, this couldn’t have happened at a worse moment.”

Queensland’s tourist industry is set to suffer the most if visitors from Sydney and Melbourne, which account for over 70% of the national market, opt to stay in their own state.

“Despite the year we’ve had, Australians are still extremely anxious to take a well-earned holiday break, and coastal regions of NSW and Victorian destinations, in particular, will benefit from the lack of trust in interstate travel, as will the other states, but to a lesser amount,” Ms. Osmond said.

“The complete impact of Omicron, as well as its severity, has yet to be assessed, so we remain confident that there will be some positive news once fresh data is released.”

Pure Profile, a polling organization, performed a countrywide survey of over 1,500 persons.

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