Home Information If you despise taking out the trash, this intelligent trash can seals and replaces bags for you.

If you despise taking out the trash, this intelligent trash can seals and replaces bags for you.

by Jasbinder Singh

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Nobody enjoys emptying the garbage can. But, at the very least, this clever trash can makes things a little easier, as well as less smelly, messy, and gross.

The TOWNEW electric trash can self-seals and changes. A refillable ring at the top holds up to 25 recyclable and long-lasting trash bags. Toss your trash into the four-gallon bin, and when it’s full, press the front button to seal the bag. When you take the sealed bag out, the bin will be refilled with a new trash bag.

TOWNEW Self-Sealing and Self-Changing Trash Can, $113.95 (originally $119.95)

Credit: Amazon

In addition to the trash can button, the TOWNEW trash can has a lid to keep odours out and a built-in motion sensor to open it so you don’t have to touch the lid.

Keep in mind that this is an electric trash can, so you’ll need somewhere to plug it in and charge the battery from time to time. The bin also comes with one refill ring, for a total of 25 bags. More refillable rings can be purchased on Amazon for about $50 for a three-month supply.

One Amazon reviewer who gave it a five-star rating said, “Genius little trash can!” “Works exactly as described! For years, I’ve fantasised about a self-sealing trash can. I’m not going to get my hands dirty anymore. For scraps, I keep mine near the kitchen sink.”

The trash can is great, according to most Amazon reviewers, but it could be a little bigger. Of course, the advantage of a smaller trash can is that you won’t have 10+ gallons of trash sitting in your apartment for an extended period of time, so to each their own.

“This trash can is a little on the small side, but it is exactly what I was looking for,” explained another Amazon reviewer. “I live alone, and I didn’t like my standard 13-gallon kitchen trash can because it took me about two weeks to fill, which meant I had to live with discarded food in my kitchen for that long. That’s disgusting.”

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