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Minecraft Championship 2021: The confirmed date, time, and teams

by Jasbinder Singh
Minecraft Championship 2021: The confirmed date, time, and teams

The Minecraft Championship is back for 2021, with 10 teams of four competing for the title of global champion.

We’ve seen several incarnations of “competition” Minecraft in the past, including game modes like speed runs and PVP servers, but nothing compares to the MC Championships developed by the Noxcrew team.

This year’s tournament is sure to be one for the ages, with notable players such as Dream, George “GeorgeNotFound” David, and Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons all participating.We’ll go through all you need to know about the MC Championship 2021, and please let us know if you’re thrilled!

What exactly are the MC Championship?

The MC Championships, organised and produced by Noxcrew, is an invite-only event in which 40 of the world’s biggest gamers will compete in a series of mini-games to decide who the genuine Minecraft champions are.

The 40 participants will be divided into ten teams of four, and the mini-games will include a little bit of everything for fans to witness. Ranging from conventional PVP to parkour, the teams will attempt to gather as many coins as they can until the last two teams face off in a 1V1 Final Duel.

When will the MC Championship take place in 2021?

The event will take place on May 29th, 2021, and Noxcrew estimates that it will take between two and four hours to finish.

The event will be live at the times listed below.

3 p.m. EST

12 p.m. PST

8 p.m. BST

9:30 p.m. CEST

Minicraft Championship Details (MCC17) ? 

This weekend, ten teams will compete in nine different Minecraft mini-games to see who will come out on top.

The ‘Pink Parrots’ won the last event after defeating the ‘Purple Pandas’ in the Dodgebolt finals.

More action is expected this weekend, although the specific game types will not be released as of this writing. However, all of the MCC 17 participating teams have been disclosed and may be found at the link below.

Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday to see MCC 17 in action.

How to Watch the 2021 MC Championship?

If you want to tune into the action, there are several paths you can take to observe the game.The majority of the candidates are frequent broadcasters on their own platforms, such as Twitch or Youtube.

If you want an overall perspective, though, you should tune in to the Noxcrew Twitch channel when the tournament begins. We’ve embedded the stream below for your convenience!


As previously stated, there will be 10 teams of four participating in the MC Championship, and these teams are stacked with some of the gaming industry’s biggest names.

Now we’ll go through all of the teams listed below.

Team NamePlayer 1 Player 2Player 3 Player 4
Red RabbitsTubboNihachuVikkstarTommyInnit
Orange OcelotsQuigShubbleKaraCorvusEret
Yellow YakssylveeDanTDMSB737Kr1zyy
Lime LlamasReNDoBfruit berriesfalsesymmetrycubfan135
Green GuardiansCaptainSparklezDreamGeorgeNotFoundQuackity
Cyan CreepersCaptainFuffyTapLSkeppyBadBoyHalo
Aqua AxolotlsWispSmajorHBomb94Solidarity
Blue BatsSeapeekayPunzKatherine ElizabethSapnap
Purple PandasGrianInTheLittleWoodPeteZahHuttTheOrionSound
Pink ParrotsWilburSootFundyJack ManifoldPh1LzA

The Green Guardians are without a doubt the fan favourites heading into the tournament, with all four members having millions of YouTube followers and a large social media following. We expect them to make a splash at this year’s MC Championships.


Over the duration of the MC Championship, the teams will compete in a total of 13 games, according to Noxcrew. The better a team performs in these games, the more coins it accumulates, and the two teams with the most coins will compete in a battle to determine the winner.

The games that the 10 teams might play at the 2021 MC Championships are listed below.

But Not Slowly

Each team is given a grid of Minecraft items on which to work. They must race against one another, armed with tools and efficiency, to create those goods before their opponents take the coins awarded for them.

Each successful craft yields fewer coins. After five separate teams successfully construct an item, it will “lockout,” and no further money will be granted for further crafts.

Minecraft Championship 2021: The confirmed date, time, and teams

The Ace Race

The Ace Race is a three-lap race around a large course that is riddled with shortcuts and dangers. Sprint, leap, and fly as quickly as you can while avoiding hazards to achieve the best time!


Skyblockle is a combination of Skyblock and Battle Royale! Every team starts on their own Skyblock island, which is surrounded by other islands that offer important materials. The objective of the game is to arm yourself, murder other players, and be the last team standing.

Warrior of Parkour

Parkour Warrior is the ultimate parkour challenge! There are a lot of parkour courses that have three difficult zones. Players strive to get as far as they can in the allotted time. Players, on the other hand, checkpoint after completing each obstacle, and if you fall, you respawn at your last checkpoint. This is a parkour exam, not a speed test!

Minecraft Championship 2021: The confirmed date, time, and teams

Hole in the Wall

The goal of the game is to be the last squad remaining while massive walls of slime converge on you from all sides! Jump and weave your way around the barriers without falling off the platform.

The speed of the walls will grow over time, as will the size of the platform underneath you!

Games of Survival

It’s a classic! The squad that remains standing wins! All players are free to explore the area, attempting to gain power by discovering secret equipment in buildings, all as the game’s borders converge into the centre, pushing you to battle for life.

Players in this version have limitless levels, allowing them to enchant their equipment to increase its potency.

Minecraft Championship 2021: The confirmed date, time, and teams

Spleef’s Rocket

Spleef, the popular Minecraft mini-game, gets a new spin! The most coins will be awarded to the last team standing. Everyone is equipped with elytras, pyrotechnics, and… rocket launchers! Rockets knock players back and destroy terrain.


The goal of To Get to the Other Side (and Whack a Fan) is self-evident… The game is divided into six rounds that take place on six distinct maps. All players begin at one end of the map and are given various items to help them reach the other end. Once they’ve crossed, they must punch a fan (one of you!) to accomplish their mission!

Box of Battle

An enormous PvP-focused game with 9 rounds. In a 4v4 battle, each team rotates around and plays every other team! Teams have one minute and one life to take the centre objective before the opposing team.

Build Mart has a lot of sales.

A game of speed that puts communication and resource management to the test! The goal is to build as many monuments as possible in the time limit by going to Build Mart, gathering the resources you need, then returning to your team’s exclusive build zone.

Battle in the Sky

Sky Battle, like Skyblockle and the famous Minecraft mini-game Skywars, is a fast-paced game meant to keep teams moving and experimenting with new ideas!

The Sands of Time

The most mysterious game in the MCC is the Sands of Time. Teams enter their own dungeons and race against the time to find as much buried gold as possible. The only way to stay in the game is to keep the timer filled with sand.


The last duel is Dodgebolt, which is not accessible on the Decision Dome. It’s an elimination game in which the goal is to be the last team remaining. Dodgeball is a best-of-five game in which the first team to three victories wins the MCC event.

The games that will be played will be determined by the players within The Decision Dome, a location where teams will be able to choose which games they wish to play next. So, planning is essential here, since there won’t be much time to acquire as many coins as possible!

Everything will be on the line at the 2021 MC Championships, and we can’t wait to see the action. Make sure to let us know which side you think will win

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