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New rules for travelling From Australia to New Zealand?

by Jasbinder Singh
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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that a trans-Tasman travel bubble will be formed on April 18 at 11:59 p.m. New Zealand time (9:59 p.m. AEST).

When will the bubble to NewZealand will start?

On April 18, at 11:59 p.m. New Zealand time, or 9.59 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time, quarantine-free travel will begin.

What is the trans-Tasman bubble, and how does it work?

The trans-Tasman bubble refers to a scheme that would allow citizens to fly between New Zealand and Australia without having to pass through quarantine on either side.

The theory is that since COVID-19 is contained in both nations, there is little chance of the virus spreading, making quarantine-free travel possible.

When you can able to book a flight?

The major airlines have piqued the interest of some passengers by increasing the number of scheduled flights beginning April 19.

Before announcing its timetable, Air New Zealand said it would wait for an official announcement.

Is it necessary for me to obtain permission from Home Affairs before flying to New Zealand?

No, the federal government has already amended the biosecurity act to allow Australians to visit New Zealand without first applying for an exemption from the existing travel ban. New Zealand is the only nation to which Australians are not permitted to travel.

Will I need vaccinations in order to travel?

No, it’s not true. New Zealand has stated that no vaccinations are needed for travel inside the trans-Tasman bubble.

Is it necessary for me to wear a mask on the flight?

Yes, passengers will be required to wear masks while on board.

Is it necessary for me to contact the New Zealand government?

Passengers will be required to have “comprehensive” contact details for their time in New Zealand, according to Ms Ardern.

For use in New Zealand, travellers will also be asked to download and use the NZ COVID Tracer software.

May I fly if I have a cold or the flu?

No, you won’t be able to drive, and authorities in New Zealand will perform random temperature checks.

What happens if a lockdown occurs when residents are abroad?

New Zealand citizens have been warned that they will be subject to the rules of the lockdown in any given state, and that any travel will be treated as “flyer beware,” with the possibility of being tested, isolated, or quarantined depending on the circumstances.

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