Home Information Rami Ykmour, co-founder of Rashays, was charged after employees were spotted without Masks.

Rami Ykmour, co-founder of Rashays, was charged after employees were spotted without Masks.

by Jasbinder Singh

The founder of a leading Sydney-based restaurant chain was charged with a COVID allegation in the South-West of the city.

The police told Rami Ykmour that a number of Chester Hill staff had no masks on Thursday night that they had been arrested.

On their arrival, two employees with no masks were found by an officer.

Several officers talked to the mask in the building of Ykmour.

After the co-founder had finished his business, his staff ate and put their masks on.

The 46-year-old was aggressive against an official on the allegation from the police and refused to give details.

On Thursday, Rashays co-founder Rami Ykmour had been arrested.

Ykmour, Rami Rashays/Facebook is credited with this image.

He was subsequently arrested and was accompanied by at least eight officials.

Ykmour was seen emotional before he was taken to the police station. 

He heard him saying, “Who is going to pay us for that labour?”

 “All these losses, who will pay us?” 

“Go, try to keep the business alive, fellow.”

Ykmour was supposedly aggressive against an officer.

Before being arrested, Ykmour was seen to become emotional.

Ykmour was also heard pleading with officials that he had closed all of his restaurants.

He was later issued a notice of the Field Court attendance on the prevention of the police in August.

For the failure to wear a mask, two employees were fined $ 200 each.

Rashays has over 30 restaurants on the east coast of Australia.

Later, the 46-year-old was billed.

A further 100 police officers are being appointed for a high visibility compliance operation in areas of south-western Sydney from 7 am on Friday.

This is after a growing number of COVID cases have been identified as areas of concern in the local government areas Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown.

Of the 38 new cases in Sydney recorded on Thursday’s COVID, 21 were in the southwest of the town.

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