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The top travel trends that will sweep Australia in 2022

by Jasbinder Singh
The top travel trends that will sweep Australia in 2022

According to Expedia’s recently released 2022 Travel Trends Report, after nearly two years of on-and-off lockdowns and ever-changing border restrictions, most Australian travellers say they want their next vacation to be their best.

The study, which included 12,000 travellers from 12 nations, discovered that over three-quarters of Australians (71 per cent) want to go big on their next trip, with a new ‘no regrets’ style of travel — a ‘GOAT’ (Greatest of All Trips) attitude, if you will.

According to worldwide research, Australia is one of the top three countries that feel this way, trailing only Korea and Singapore, indicating how intense the urge to make up for the lost time is.

Recognizing that each trip is a privilege, travellers are seeking meaningful adventures without reservation. Among the top GOAT qualities identified by Expedia, the survey is travellers’ intentions to be more present and live in the moment, indulge in experiences, and seek excitement.

“Australians have spent nearly two years putting off, fantasising about, and anticipating their next vacation,” says Lisa Perkovic, Expedia Australia Travel Expert.

“Now is the time to get started and make plans for what promises to be a fantastic year of travel.” After such a long period of constraints and limitations, travel trends in 2022 will be about extracting as much richness and meaning as possible from our experiences.

“Despite the fact that some people are still wary of travel,” Lisa explained, “a new wave of enthusiasm is brewing as travellers pursue travel excellence to find their GOAT.”

The study uncovered some unusual data points:

Four out of ten Australians (39%) are prepared to spoil themselves/spend extra money on their next vacation.

Twenty-four per cent want to take a digital detox vacation.

A cheeky 14% want a vacation fling!

25% desire an amazing night out

21% are excited to move beyond their comfort zone.

Only 12% of Australians want to go skinny dipping (Ooh, la la)

A bucket list destination will be checked off by 31% of those polled.

Expedia discovered these five new habits to live your best ‘GOAT’ life with Aussies adopting the ‘GOAT’ mindset and living without regrets to make use of wasted time.

Scrapping the Schedule

The epidemic made it impossible to travel or do anything on the spur of the moment, with 46 per cent of Australians confessing to being less spontaneous since COVID-19’s emergence.

While travel trends restrictions and guidelines will remain in place for the foreseeable future, Australians are going to embrace the unplanned and let free on future vacations, with 35% wanting to be more spontaneous and live in the present.

According to Expedia’s study, Australian travellers prefer to go with the flow and forego an itinerary (27 per cent) in order to enjoy the flexibility to do whatever they want, whenever they want (35 per cent).

Expedia’s recommendation for attaining your GOAT: With more flexible options and pricing than ever before, there’s never been a better opportunity to discover last-minute vacations and uncharted adventures that could just help travellers find their GOAT. You still haven’t gotten your yearly leave authorised or your trip companion on board, but you’re feeling adventurous and found a wonderful deal? Look for Expedia’s convenient “Fully Refundable”** or “Buy Now, Pay Later” choices to assist you with taking the first step in living your GOAT.


The Top 10 Travel Trends For 2020 | POPSUGAR Smart Living

People will get a fresh lease on life in 2022 after cancelling trips, postponing festivities, and forsaking simple comforts. Travellers are eager to make up for lost time and prioritise themselves in order to obtain the GOAT they deserve.

Over the next year, four in ten (39 per cent) Australians are likely to reward themselves and spend extra money on their next vacation, putting fun ahead of cost. From luxury hotels (17%) to dining at hatted restaurants (17%) to going all out on the ultimate shopping spree (21%), no cost will be spared as travellers strive to make their journeys the best yet.

Expedia’s recommendation for attaining your GOAT: If you want to spoil yourself, why not go on a luxurious city getaway? According to Expedia statistics from the previous two years, the best time to visit a city is in February, when you can save about 40% compared to travelling in December, which is the most costly month for city travel trends on average.

Immerse yourself to learn.

Going big doesn’t always imply embarking on a bucket-list excursion. Travellers are going for their GOAT by going above and beyond the usual in the next year, with more eager to move outside their comfort zone (21 percent) and immerse themselves in a place, culture, and experiences radically different from their own (21 per cent). After months of seclusion, travellers need new experiences that will allow them to have a deeper understanding of the local population.

From trying new foods (42 percent), to exploring more rural, off-the-beaten-path experiences (28 percent), to visiting a region they would never have considered before the epidemic (18 percent), Australians have a renewed desire to learn and see the globe.

Expedia’s recommendation for attaining your GOAT: Slow travel trends is one of the most effective methods to become immersed in a location. Allow ample time in each trip so you may see not just well-known tourist attractions, but also lesser-known local suggestions to gain a more in-depth understanding of the area. Allowing adequate time to explore the place and interact with locals may make a big impact.

 Sensation Seeking

In 2022, travellers are looking for more than simply new flavours and sights; they want to feel something. Australians want a sense of accomplishment as if they’ve made the most of their vacation, as well as thrill and adrenaline (37 per cent). When it comes to their next vacation, having an incredible night out (25 percent), sleeping beneath the stars (rain, hail, or shine) (19 percent), and having a holiday fling (14%), are just some of the things travellers are prepared to do to guarantee they have the finest trip of their lives.

Interestingly, 12 percent of Australians want to skinny dive – the most of any nation and tied with France – on their next vacation, with nearly one-tenth preferring to do dangerous or high adrenaline activities (9%) and feel a feeling of danger or riskiness (8%).

Expedia’s recommendation for attaining your GOAT: You’ve waited and worked hard for this trip, so make the most of it. It’s frequently the people you meet and the new activities you attempt that have the most of an impact, so plan an out-of-the-ordinary trip, make new friends, and try everything.

Unrestricted and Unrestricted Pleasure

In 2022, travel trends are all about rediscovering how great it is to travel. Australians (36%) are looking forward to re-visiting a favourite place that they haven’t been able to visit owing to the epidemic, while 31 per cent will be checking a bucket list trip off their list. In comparison to worldwide travellers, Australians (32%) aim to travel for longer periods of time and take more vacations (28 per cent). Surprisingly, Australians also lead in preferring to relax and do nothing on their next vacation (41 per cent).

What’s evident is that a good vacation is no longer characterised by social media likes; electronics are out, and enjoyment is paramount, with 28 per cent looking for excursions that allow them to prioritise their mental health. Nearly half (43%) are looking for a sense of fulfilment and mental well-being, and a quarter (24%) intend to spend less time on their gadgets in order to be more present. This, along with the fact that Australian (45%) and New Zealand (49%) travellers lead the world in wanting to feel connected with individuals they care about, demonstrates a strong desire to turn off and replenish oneself after another hard year.

Expedia’s recommendation for attaining your GOAT: If you want to truly disconnect, an increasing number of hotels and resorts are providing visitors with the option to unplug, whether by forfeiting your electronics upon arrival or by providing little reception. Investigate your lodging to see if it allows you to completely disconnect, but make sure you are still reachable in case of an emergency. Alternatively, consider physically switching off gadgets when you are not using them, locking them away, or putting them out of sight to ensure you are truly present.

Expedia has incorporated a variety of tools to assist travellers in their trip planning in order to help them make educated selections. Expedia’s COVID-19 Travel trends Advisory provides the most up-to-date information on regulations and health and safety guidelines for their destination and origin, while Expedia’s “free cancellation” or “Book Now, Pay Later” filters will help travellers find hotel options with flexible and refundable rates.

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