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Woolworths customer stunned by checkout staff’s behavior after falling ill

by Jasbinder Singh
Woolworths customer stunned by checkout staff's behavior after falling ill

After reporting the thoughtful gestures of many checkout employees, a Woolworths customer showered the grocery store company with appreciation.

The Melbourne customer explained in a tweet that the Watergardens store’s duty manager intervened when he was having a medical episode.

After assisting him in getting well, store employees continued by scanning and packing the man’s purchases before paying for them out of their own pockets.

In a touching video shot, while he was still inside the store, the customer expressed his amazement at the generosity of Woolworth’s staff members.

In the video message, he stated, “I just wanted to give out a kind, friendly word to the people here at Woolworths.”

Woolworths customer

Shortly after the incident, the customer posted a video message from the store.

I can’t say enough good things about the staff here while I recover from a low blood sugar attack while I’m sitting here.

“A young man named Troy, I believe, served as the on-call manager at Taylors Lakes Watergardens.

He approached me carrying a can of Coke after noticing that I was having trouble. He approached me to see how I was doing.

“He reached out in such a thoughtful way. He brought me another can of Coke while I was still having trouble.

To further demonstrate their awesomeness, they paid for my groceries.

“What the hell can I say?”

Then, when he described the teammates’ generosity, the man was overcome.

“I mean, what the heck can I say? It has renewed my faith in people,” he said.

“That was such a thoughtful thing for them to do. They also placed them in the luggage.

“It was simply incredibly generous. So I’d like to thank Woolworths in general. You will definitely get some criticism, but this is fantastic.

“I’ll genuinely continue doing my shopping at Woolies forever.”

Woolworths customer

The Woolworths customer explained that after experiencing the medical emergency, employees paid for his items.

The Woolies team members received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter.

Congrats to all who contributed. This is fantastic because human kindness can be hard to come by, another commented.

“There are still some wonderful individuals out there,” was said.

Give that man a raise, Woolworths, was the third person to comment.

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