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What is Anorexia ? What are its types, Symptoms, causes and treatment ?

by Jasbinder Singh
What is Anorexia ? What are its types,Symptoms, causes and treatment ?

An introduction of anorexia is that in which  a person may go through some period of time to a loss of appetite, and there is no harm in that. This is something any person may experience. The dilemma is that this should be left unaddressed. There are many therapeutic methods that treat a person with anorexia, and in this regard the definition and meaning of anorexia will be highlighted, and then its types and symptoms, and then its causes, complications and methods of treatment. Among the most important of these diseases that are the basis of other diseases on the aging of diseases are Loss of appetite or (anorexia nervesa) as it is known medically.

Definition and  loss of appetite meaning 

A sign that we must go towards, that this type is a type of eating disorder, in which the patient with the disease gradually abstains from eating, and the weight loss on the patient is noticed.

Types of loss of appetite

Involuntary: the person always feels not wanting to eat.

Voluntary: It is a person’s insistence not to eat with the intention of losing weight, and it is a mental disorder.

Most sick

This disease is most commonly affected. But females are affected more than males, as well as children and the elderly.

Symptoms of loss of appetite

Cancellation of a number of meals per day, while claiming to replace lost meals with other food.

Patients felt that they were fatter, even though they were, in fact, thin.

Yellowing and paleness of the skin.

Nails and hair are broken off.

Anemia (anemia).

Persistent swollen and cold joints.

Inability to focus and think.


Blue nails.




Dizziness and fainting.

Depression and problems and deficiencies in dealing with the social environment.

Try to get rid of food after eating by making themselves throw up food.

Taking laxatives (medicines that help empty the intestine).

Diuretics (medicines that help remove fluid from the body).

What are the causes of loss of appetite?

Mental disorders.

And obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Sometimes it is due to what are genetic and hereditary causes that spread in certain families.

Side effects of some medications.

During pregnancy, especially the first weeks.

Contaminated food, which leads to digestive problems and defects in the stomach.

High body temperature and loss of desire for anything will result.

Respiratory problems and defects and nasal congestion.

Complications of loss of appetite

Loss of bone density (osteoporosis).


Congestive heart.

Acute renal insufficiency.

Damage to the liver.

Death sometimes as a result of many diseases.


How to diagnose anorexia ?

It should be noted that knowing the symptoms of the disease through which the diagnosis can be made, and there are several types of tests used in the examination and diagnosis, including the following:

Laboratory tests: that are carried out inside medical laboratories using the appropriate devices, including examination of blood cell counts, proteins, liver function, and kidney and thyroid gland functions, and are considered more accurate than others. It relies on precise, specific results.

Physical examinations: They are related to the human body, such as measuring height and weight, checking vital factors such as blood pressure and body temperature, and measuring the heart rate.

Psychological evaluation: through knowing the mental illnesses and disorders that the patient suffers from, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and the patient’s self-evaluation.

Presence of diagnostic criteria for loss of appetite, such as: the absence of a menstrual cycle for three consecutive cycles, having a wrong image of the outward appearance of the body, and the desire to be thin – as a standard of beauty – with the negation of the seriousness of thinness, weight loss with fear of gaining weight, refusal to keep close or suspicious of weight A minimum weight appropriate for height and age.

Natural treatment for loss of appetite

Natural treatment for loss of appetite

Natural treatment for loss of appetite

Perhaps the conversation – here – is directed at some natural remedies in detail as follows:

Warm water: as it helps to cleanse the digestive system from the toxins that have formed in it by consuming warm water in the morning on a gentle meal, and it helps to feel hungry and find a desire to eat.

Orange juice: drinking a glass of water every two hours leads to an increase in gastric juice in the stomach.

Berries: The presence of zinc in a high degree in berries leads to increased appetite, improved digestion, and the production of gastric juice.

Apples: a wonderful treatment and medicine for losing appetite with the use of a cup of milk sweetened with honey.

Cinnamon: used in Asian medicine to stimulate the appetite.

Parsley: Helps get rid of flatulence and increase appetite.

Tomato: The containment of acidity tomatoes stimulates the stomach to increase gastric juice.

Mint: Peppermint is a sedative, and it is used in Asian dishes as an appetizer.

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