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GameSir X3 controller review: fan-powered entertainment

by Jasbinder Singh
GameSir X3 controller review: fan-powered entertainment

The built-in fan on GameSir X3 helps to keep your phone cool, but it has one drawback. To use its cooling abilities, you must be plugged into a power supply! The $100 USD accessory, which has yet to be priced in Australia, is being marketed to gamers as the “ideal solution for Cloud Gaming on Android smartphones” (for Apple users, the Backbone One is available).

In essence, it transforms your phone into a tablet computer for gaming akin to the Nintendo Switch. To fit most phones, it unfolds like a piano accordion. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is a little underwhelming compared to my favorite option, the Google Pixel 6, which was also a perfect fit.

GameSir X3

The additional screen space on the Fold hangs below the controller rather than above it thanks to the GameSir X3’s rightward movement of the USB-C connector.

 After a while, I got used to it, but it still feels strange. The GameSir X3 is less comfortable to hold than the Backbone One because, like the Nintendo Switch, it lacks handles for you to grip.

It also lacks an internal battery, which means it can quickly drain older phones. I easily got two hours out of Google’s Pixel 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 over WiFi.

Playing over 5G drains a phone’s battery faster, but those looking for longer sessions can connect a USB-C cable to the underside of the right handle to charge their phone while playing. I easily got two hours out of Google’s Pixel 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3 over WiFi. 

 You’ll need to get into the habit if you want to use the X3’s cooling system at all. 

The X3’s center contains a 4000 mm2 hexagonal pad that can provide up to a “24°C drop-in (a phone’s) surface temperature.”

GameSir X3

GameSir claims that it can also reduce a phone’s CPU’s temperature by up to 12°C. 

That will be welcome news to anyone who is aware of how warm a phone can become when used for gaming, but the cooling system is only functional when connected to an external power source. 

 When plugged into a phone by itself, the fan and it is RGB lighting will not operate at all. 

Although it might extend the battery life of your phone, that is hardly a portable solution.

Your best friend in this situation is mobile power banks. Using this fantastic Belkin Boost and Charge power bank, I was able to run the fan for more than an hour. The cooling is fantastic, especially on my Pixel 6 because it tends to get hot. Even though it is a bit of a novelty (how often will the player look at the back of their phone? ), it is still quiet and looks great when the lights are turned on.

By the end of July, Australian customers will be able to purchase the GameSir X3 online. 

Assuming they are between 110 and 179mm tall, it will fit almost all Android phones that charge via USB-C, but it will only function with devices running Android 9 or later. 

If you want to throw it in a backpack without worrying about it getting damaged, it weighs only 270 grams and comes with a sturdy carrying case. 

Additionally, the GameSir X3 can be customized with various thumbstick and button configurations that can be swapped in and out.

GameSir X3

The X3 also supports Google Stadia, Vortex, Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Steam Link, and more, making it compatible with the majority of cloud games, even though my tests were solely focused on Microsoft’s xCloud. 

The $169.95 Razer Kishi V2 is a well-liked and less expensive alternative for Android gamers, despite having fewer modifications and features.

The cooling fan on the GameSir X3 makes it noticeably bigger (and heavier) in comparison. But there isn’t anything quite like it for people seeking a higher-end experience.

Once the team at GameSir confirms the cost and precise date of release, we’ll update this article.

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