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Windows 11, All The Features You Need To Know About

by Jasbinder Singh


Windows has always been a stage for the innovation of the world. It was the backbone for global companies and was the household of scrappy start-ups.. The web was created on Windows and grew up. This is the place in which many of us have entered our first e-mail, our first computer game and our first line of code. Windows is where people are creating, connecting, learning and reaching a platform that has a population of over a billion today.We don’t take lightly the responsibility to design many people. The last 18 months have brought an unbelievable shift in how we’ve used our PCs; we’ve been moving from the PC to the PC for our entire life. Our devices were not just where we were for meetings, classes and stuff, but where we came to play games with friends, watch our favourite shows and connect with each other, perhaps more meaningfully. In the process, we recreated the office banter, chatting in the lobby, training, holidays and happy times – on digital terms.

We saw and felt the change in the PC, from something practical and functional to something emotional and personal. What was so powerful. That’s what inspired us when we built the next Windows generation. Building a place that feels familiar, where you can create, learn, play and connect in every new way.

Today’s Windows 9, Windows which brings you closer to what you like, I’m delighted and enthusiastic.

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What are the Features of Windows 11?

In Windows 11, there are overall improvements, promising that Microsoft will update 40 per cent smaller, and highlighting Windows 11 to be “the most secure release yet.”

The taskbar is optimised for touch and the peripherals of the mouse and now the dock has been renamed.

A feature named snap layouts allows you to arrange multiple windows across the screen not only side by side, but also in columns, sections and more. This is a multi-task feature.

Another feature is Snap Groups where you can return to windows from the dock that were previously snapped, so you can, for instance, use your email app, Edge Browser windows or anything else without snapped them back into the previous view.

Multi-monitor support has also been improved, so that Windows 11 recalls the previous positions of the windows on the monitor when you reconnect an external monitor.

Eams are also integrated with the dock, making meeting and family calling easier for you. Their appearance is the first indication that Skype has disappeared from Windows, particularly when the Skype sounds were heard when a call came in.

Finally, the Microsoft Store has been redesigned with better content and better management options for your shopped shows, for example by showing them on your television. This redesigned Windows 11 shop is ready to run apps such as Disney+, the Adobe Creative Cloud, Pinterest and much more.

The Microsoft Store has now ready-to-go WPA, EWP and Win32 apps. If a developer has a business engine, it can maintain 100 percent of Microsoft Store revenue.

Android applications are ready to download TikTok and more, ready to use on your computer or tablet, from Microsoft, via the Amazon App Store.

The new store offers other applications for Windows 11, including the iMessage by Apple, which could follow iTunes and Safari.

A new look of windows 11

One of the most significant changes for users will be that the Starts menu has been moved into the centre of the screen – and it now has a “cloud power,” so that it changes dynamically according to daytime and content.

Light mode and Dark mode are official and feature rounded corners and a united design across the operating system.

Some windows look aero-esque from Windows Vista and show bite data. There are also windows.

Windows Widgets are now accessible from Windows 11 via the dock and Microsoft offers dynamic AI features to allow widgets to be changed depending on the apps you use and on the time of day, just as with the Start menu. You can dive from the left of the desktop on the touch-screen to display widgets.

Many people can choose from, including the weather, bing maps, news, etc.

These are also available for third parties, so you can see as many widgets as Apple’s iOS and iPadOS operating systems can pick.

Restored to productivity, creativity and convenience

To increase your productivity and inspire your creativity, we have simplified the design and user experience. It’s fresh, contemporary, clean and lovely. Everything has been done deliberately to bring you in control and a sense of calmness, from the new Start button and taskbar to every sound, font and icon. We placed Start in the middle and helped you find what you need quickly. Start uses cloud power and Microsoft 365 to display your most recent files, whatever platform or device you used to view, even on an Android or an iOS device.

Windows has always helped you work the way you want, by providing the ability to snap applications side by side with multiple windows. New in the Windows 11 we introduce Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops, so that you can work on multiple tasks even more powerfully and keep up with what you need to do. These are new features that help you organise your windows and optimise your screen immovable so that you can see what you need in a visually clean layout. You can also create and customise individual desktops for every part of your life – imagine a desktop for work, playing or school.Windows 11 reduces complexity and makes it easy to use.

A quicker way to connect to your loved ones

Another critical part of bringing your love closer to the people your love brings. The last 18 months have given rise to new behaviour on digitally connecting people. We want to continue making it easy for people to stay close to each other regardless where they are even when we start to return to more personally based interaction. And we don’t want you to be a barrier to the device or the platform.

connect to your loved ones

We are pleased to introduce Microsoft Teams Chat, which is part of the taskbar, with Windows 11. You can now connect to all your personal contacts, anywhere on the platform or device, through Windows, Android or iOS, by means of text, chat, voice or video instantly. You can still connect to them via two-way SMS if the person to who you connect on the other hand has not downloaded the Teams app.

Windows 11 also provides a more natural way for you to connect with family and friends through teams so that you can immediately mute and distract from your task bar or start directly.

A quicker way to get your information

Windows 11 brings you closer to news and information with Widgets – a new custom feed powered by AI and Microsoft Edge’s best-in-class browser performance.. We still need to break, even when we are most focused and creative – to check in with the outside world or to reinstall ourselves. Today we frequently use our telephones to check the news or the weather. You can now directly open from the desktop a similarly curated view.

getting quik information

]When you open your custom feeds, it slides like a sheet of glass across your panel, so that it does not disturb what you do. Widgets also opens up new property for creators and publishers within Windows to offer customised content. It is our aim to create a pipeline which can benefit both consumers and creators from global brands and local creators.

Enhancement of touch

Tablet mode has been a weak point for Windows ever since Windows 8. Microsoft’s new tablet features shown for Windows 11 might be key to the success of the operating system especially with future Surface products in the Microsoft pipeline – it could be a major market for new user systems to have a new numbered operating system for its upcoming tablets.

During the event, Microsoft targeted larger touch objectives and easier ways to move windows, and improved optimisations on rotating, such as reorganising windows so the applications you used are no longer tracked.

touch enhancements

The gestures used for the Surface trackpad also arrive on the touchscreen and are familiar. When you use a style for better feedback during drawing or sketching, Haptics comes to Windows 11.

The touch keyboard has already been redesigned and is now only ready for use with a smaller keyboard for your thumb. Microsoft says dictation, along with voice commands, will also be improved with ‘delete that’ and many more options.

How can we download Windows 11 ?

Now that we released Microsoft’s 22000.51 test build on our developer or beta channel for Windows Insiders, we have a handy guide for downloading it.

However, before you do, it would be best to ensure that your PC is first registered for the Microsoft insider programme, provided it complies with the requirements.

However, you must be aware that we only advise you to run it on a PC that is not your main machine, because for now there are many problems.


Minimum Requirements

A lot was talked about what devices Windows 11 is eligible to use. Whether they need to upgrade their PCs or laptops, others just wonder. Despite the TPM requirement.

Microsoft has currently published the update requirements, but they may change when it is released and feedback from the company is being received.

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with at least two cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • System Firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Display: 720p, 8-bit per color channel, at least 9-inch diagonal
  • Windows 11 Home requires an active internet link and Microsoft account for an initial, first use set-up of the operating system or when switching from Windows 11 Home to S-mode. In addition, the system is also connected via the Windows 11 system.

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