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You Can Now Access Your Google TV Watchlist on the iPhone

by Jasbinder Singh
You Can Now Access Your Google TV Watchlist on the iPhone

Google TV has had a busy few months, with numerous changes, launches, and updates. According to the company, the Google TV Watchlist app is now available on the iOS App Store. With this new announcement, iPhone users will be able to get recommendations from across streaming apps (the ones you subscribe to), a Watchlist for their discoveries, the “For you” tab with Watchlists from their favorite stars, an on-the-go content library, the ability to rate movies and shows, all the latest information on all their favorite content, and the option to use their phone as a remote for Google TVs and other Android TV OS devices.

According to recent internal research, two-thirds of U.S. adults look up what they’re going to watch on TV on their phones first, which is why Google is finally making its Google TV app available to iPhone users. Today, the company announced the release of Google TV for iOS devices. In the App Store, Google TV will soon replace the app formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV.

Previously, Google had a “Movies and TV” section of the Play Store available to iOS users. This month, the company removed the Play Movies & TV app and replaced it with the new Google TV watchlist app. But don’t be concerned. If you already have the Play Movies & TV app for iOS, you do not need to delete it. The app will be updated to reflect the new Google TV app.

Google TV on iOS will offer many of the same benefits as Google TV on Android. You’ll be able to log in to see what’s trending across apps, just like when you turn on Google TV in your living room, and you’ll be able to search for titles across the various apps you’ve installed. After watching something, you can rate it, and Google will take that rating into account when suggesting things to you. It’s worth noting that doing so has an impact on your results on other Google TV devices as well.

Google TV Watchlist

 Google TV is now available on the iPad and iPhone, you can manage your watchlist regardless of platform. Although I use Plex and Just Watch to find what I need to stream, I use Google TV watchlists to keep track of which shows and movies are streaming and where I can find them. This list is now accessible from my iPhone 13 Pro, my primary Android device, or my TV equipped with a Chromecast and Google TV.

You no longer need to dig through the couch cushions for the remote if you own a Chromecast with Google TV or any other compatible devices or TVs. If you’re on the same WiFi network as your TV, you can use the iOS app’s built-in virtual remote to connect to and control it. You can also use the app’s keyboard to enter usernames and passwords. You can also use it to access Google Assistant, which could be useful if you share a home with a lot of Android users who insist on staying within that smart home ecosystem.

Google has always been eager to make its features available to iOS users. However, bringing Google TV Watchlist to the iPhone is more than just a gesture of cooperation between platforms. It appears to be part of Google’s larger plans to transform Google TV into a centralized home hub of sorts, rather than just a catch-all for streaming services and other related apps. After all, providing cross-platform compatibility ensures that someone in the house uses Google to find something, which is what matters.

When it was announced in September 2020, Android users were able to experience the rollout two years before iPhone users. When Google Play Movies & TV was renamed Google TV Watchlist for Android, the app received a new look and feel, making it easier to find new content. The logo had also changed, but everything else remained largely unchanged.

Google announced earlier this month at its Google I/O developer conference that Android users would be able to cast TV shows and movies directly to their TV using the Google TV app from their Android phone or tablet. With this announcement, it appears that Android and iPhone users can now connect to their TV by clicking the remote button in the Google TV app.

Another recent announcement was made about home televisions. Google TV, for example, introduced personalized user profiles for television viewers. This allows for up to 12 profiles, including profiles for children, which will be available in 2021.

In addition, the company redesigned the Google TV Watchlist app last year with an updated UI (user interface) and expanded set recommendations, as well as additional TV shows and movie options. Finally, its screensaver-like feature “Ambient Mode” was updated in October 2021, with more personalized information and recommendations cards.

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